Mens Section – Rules


The Mens Section Committee run four Men’s Section competitions. These were established in 2016 to promote the activities of the Men’s Section and give some variety in format to the other competitions available.

Below are outlined the rules for these competitions. In the event of any queries regarding the rules and winning scores the decision of the Men’s Section committee will be considered final.

General Management of Mens Section Competitions

  1. All competitions other than the Victor Ludorum will take place on Fridays. Competitors may enter the competitions of the day at any time during the day, not just confined to the reserved Men’s Section tee time.
  2. Dates for the Grand Prix medal, Cornhamtun stableford and Bosworth medal will be agreed annually in advance with the Club Secretary who will enter them into the Club diary.
  3. Stroke play competitions will be opened and closed on the club computer system by a member of the section, or this activity will be delegated appropriately.
  4. Entry monies where appropriate will be deducted from swipe card on entry.
  5. All score management for competitions will be by the Men’s Section Committee or delegated appropriately.
  6. The Men’s Section Committee shall manage all prizes. No cash prizes will be permitted. Payment of cash contravenes R&A rules on Amateur Status 2012. Prizes will be awarded via the Pro-Shop.
  7. Competition entry monies collected by swipe card will be accounted for by the club office and forwarded to the Mens Section Secretary. Prizes will be defined according to competition rules.
  8. The Men’s Section Committee shall arbitrate any disputes and their decision shall be final

Notification of Mens section Competition Results

Stableford and Medal competitions that require a score to be entered into the club computer system will utilise the “HowDidIDo” website to communicate results
Winners of the Men’s Section Trophies will be notified by a member of the Mens Section committee.
Victor Ludorum will have results posted on the Mens Section Noticeboard and where possible an email sent to notify the winners.

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