Mixed Greensomes Competition

Leslie Ralls Trophy

Donated:Elizabeth Ralls.
Usually played during the summer. Final by the end of September.
Format: Mixed Greensomes. Matchplay knockout. LADIES SECTION TO ORGANISE. Seven day members only. Mens’ card. Medal tees. Do not enter if you cannot meet the play-by dates. (See entry list.) The onus is on all players to contact opponents to arrange matches. In the event of a match not being played or the result not posted by the play-by date, both sides will be disqualified.
Handicap:Mens’ 24. Ladies’ 36.
Allowance:Use chart for allowance.
Entry:Entry sheet on Ladies’ noticeboard. Enter in pairs. £2 each paid in Ladies’ Competition Box before closing date, for inclusion in competition draw.
Penalty for breach of rulesDisqualification
Distribution of entry fees:10% Replicas and engraving (to Secretary’s office) Remainder to be distributed as prizes. Number of prizes dependant upon number of entries.
BYE-LAW 10B (4 card rule) applies.
1979K Gatrall & Mrs C Cray
1980H Henning & D Searle
1981S Ralph & Mrs N Wilson
1982K Gatrall & Mrs M Collins
1983I Borrow & Mrs N Wilson
1984A Bundy & Mrs C Pinhorn
1985W Barter & Mrs J Young
1986J K Foot & Mrs F Johnson
1987No Competition
1988J Shorrocks & Mrs J Haigh
1989G Wood & Miss L Flesher
1990Miss K Barter & Miss L Fletcher
1991B James & Mrs D Gibson
1992D Sparshatt & Mrs S Cope
1993No Competition
1994R Johnston & Mrs V Flint
1995J Yeates & Mrs V Flint
1996A Gibson & Mrs B Verrico
1997T Drake & Mrs W Palmer
1998R Johnston & Mrs H Gibson
1999D Bittles & P Biggs
2000R Martin & Mrs A Russell
2001Peter Cotton & Miss D Starkie
2002P Biggs & Mrs S Jarman
2003R Johnston & Mrs J Martin
2004Miss C Cheesman & Mrs K Matthews
2005Mr A Peters & Mr M Jarman
2006R Johnston & Mrs D Hinton
2007T Martin & Mrs P Richards
2008M Jarman & Mrs M Mottram
2009Jane Moody & Steve Humby
2010Margaret Collins & Mick Adlam
2011Anna Jacobs & Colin Long
2012Jackie Richards & Vic Short
2013Sue Jarman & Bob Johnston
2014Margaret Collins & Trevor Martin
2015Adey Burton & Judy Andrews
2016Julie Martin & Doug Emmett
2017Margo Glover & Martin Tidbury
2018Not played
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