Club Captains

If you move your cursor over a name you will see a thumbnail of the cartoon of the captain. Click on the link for a larger version of the cartoon

1939Sir Grimwood-Mears1974G. F. Smith2009P. Shaw
1940Sir Grimwood-Mears1975G. T. R. Davis2010M. Adlam
1941Sir Grimwood-Mears1976M. J. Dunne2011A. Miller
1942Sir Grimwood-Mears1977R. A. Harvey2012C. Long
1943R. P. Chester1978J. Wright2013M. Jarman
1944R. P. Chester1979F. A. Haigh2014A. Peters
1945R. P. Chester1980R. H. Goble2015V. Short
1946R. Clark1981D. H. M. L. Searle2016N. Holladay
1947R. Clark1982F. M. Hartwell2017C. Mitchell
1948R. Clark1983K. Collins2018D. Hinton
1949R. Clark1984S. D. Griffiths2019R. Hodges
1950F. Lindley1985C. L. Andrew2020R.Hartley
1951R. W. Linnell1986G. J. F. Johnson2021R.Hartley
1952J. R. Brooks1987G. W. Jackson2022K.Brackstone
1953H. W. Clark1988W. J. Clarke
1954J. W. Valentine1989A. E. Keefe
1955J. W. Valentine1990J. Yeates
1956F. L. Bunce1991R. A. Harvey
1957R. S. Higgins1992W. C. Jasper
1958S. Clark1993I. Forder
1959J. W. Valentine1994D. Crutchley
1960F. Banting1995T. H. Edmond
1961D. Pink1996B. R. Butler
1962C. F. Lutman1997G. H. Palmer
1963D. Pink1998D. J. Bittles
1964L. Goodall1999T. J. W. Mason
1965H. W. Shiner2000A. C. Gibson
1966G. A. Blanchard2001R. E. Cooper
1967W. H. Wilson2002H. E. Spooner
1968W. H. Wilson2003B. C. Lewis
1969P. W. Dacombe2004A. K. Deuchar
1970J. R. Heathcote2005S. R. Dickson
1971S. G. Knights2006A. Feltham
1972J. Wright2007A. Riddle
1973F. A. Haigh2008B. Hopkins

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