Away-day Trophy

Away-Day Ladies of Corhampton Competition

Format:Winner from the previous year to organise entire day including competition and prizes.
Object:Away-Day competition for the Ladies of Corhampton
Trophy:Silver Cup with two handles. Engraved ‘The CTC Cup’ (Corhampton Travelling Circus)

Away-day (CTC) cup

1987Chris Waterman2011Liz Butler & Ruth Moore & Ivy Phillips
1988Chris Waterman2012Lorna White & Lin Dominy & Val Andrew
1989Freda Wilson2013Paula Burton & Gill Ashworth & Alison Russell
1990Anne Corden2014Val Andrew & Lin Dominy & Gill McMillan
1991Betty Johnston2015Irene Hind & Denise Starkie & Gill Cooper
1992Babs Ranscombe2016Sue Jarman & Linda Eales & Julie Martin
1993Sue Flesher2017Gill Ashworth & Carol Jones & Jackie Kershaw
1994Valerie Taylor2018Kathryn Holladay & Rachel Pelly & Pippa Maclean
1995Rita Elly2019Denise Shaw, Jackie Richards & Jane Moody
1996Valerie Taylor2020Not played due to Covid
1997Pamela Bullock2021Anne Luetchford, Janet Armitage, Margo Glover
1998No competition
1999No competition
2000Chris Cheesman
2001Kathryn Morton
2002Chris Hardwick
2003Carol Williams
2004Ann Curtis
2005Elizabeth Butler
2006Ruth Moore
2007Tricia Hill
2008Mary Mottram & Mary Speed
2009Linda Fletcher & Gill McMillan & Annabel Silk
2010Paula Richards & Lorna White & Sarah Smallwood

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